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London outfit Lace & Danny Beatz come with their UK single Payback taken from the forthcoming album Soul On The Street on urban label 6909 Records. The track’s unique sound blends urban beats with sounds more often heard on a Hard Fi record to create a classic UK hybrid sound. 

Coming from a background of acting in various theatre groups Nigerian Alex Osa went on to forge a modelling career on the catwalks of New York and London before giving it all up to form Lace and Danny Beatz when he met Irish born Danny Argent. Danny spent his teenage years performing on the decks in many groups fusing HipHop with guitars, and is still actively gigging with various bands in both London & Paris. 

Working out of Danny’s front room studio in North London the duo developed their unique take on the UK urban sound breaking away from the current UK HipHop sound to create a fresh new dynamic blend of Rhythm, Rap & Melody. 

Soon they were signed up by 6909 Records and released their 5 track Street Dreamer EP early in 2006. 

Following on from the success of their debut EP the duo now release the single Payback with it’s punchy beats and no compromise lyric that tells the story of getting even. The video of Payback is currently gaining exposure on Ben TV and Channel U and has help them reach a new audience on youtube along with the more laid back video of the track Dat Girl.

The album Soul On The Streets features both tracks Payback and Dat Girl and is fine example of how urban music in the UK has benefited from the influences and cross-pollination of other contemporary musical styles. Definitely worth a listen.